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About Us

The Organizers of 1st Trust Bank decided to establish the Bank because of their belief in the value of customer service. Prior to 2004, some Hazard banks have been acquired by regional multi-bank holding companies headquartered outside of Hazard. In many cases, these acquisitions and consolidations have been accompanied by fee changes, management and personnel changes, branch closings, and the dissolution of local boards of directors. This resulted in a decline in the level of personalized customer service. In the opinion of the Organizers, this situation created a favorable opportunity for a new commercial bank to attract those customers who prefer to conduct business with a locally managed institution that demonstrates an active interest in their businesses and personal financial affairs. It is believed that a locally managed institution will be better able to deliver more timely responses to customer requests, provide customized financial products and services, and offer the personal attention of its senior banking officers.

On June 2, 2004, the Organizers filed an application with the KDFI for permission to operate a state-chartered bank, as well as an application with the FDIC for deposit insurance for Bank deposits. On December 13, 2004 KDFI and the FDIC granted 1st Trust Bank their banking charter and insurance. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday December 14, 2004, to announce the opening of the newest locally owned bank in Hazard, Kentucky.

Nearly seven years after opening in Hazard, 1st Trust Bank began construction in a new market, this time in London, KY.  On October 26, 2012 1st Trust Bank opened its doors not only to existing Laurel County customers, but to the thousands we plan to serve in the future.  Most recently, 1st Trust Bank has opened a newly constructed full service location in Richmond, Ky in June of 2017.  1st Trust Bank is very excited to enter the Madison and surrounding county markets to further serve customers looking for a community bank experience and to be treated as a valued customer.
Ryan Duff: Chairman of the Board

Griffin Wells: Director / Vice Chairman

Noreen Wells: Director

Chad Warrix: Director

Hugh T. Mitchell: Director

Melvin Clutts: Director

Doug Hensley: Director

Harry Watts, Jr.: Director

Jeffrey W. Hylton: Director

Dee Caldwell Jr.: Director

Max Mitchell: Director

Roger E. Lewis: Advisor to the Board

Tori Wells: Advisor to the Board

Whitney Day: Advisor to the Board

Tracy Fleming: Secretary to the Board
Max Mitchell
Roger E. Lewis
Market President (London)
Whitney Day
Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Matt Wingate
Market President (Richmond)
Tracy Fleming
Vice President/Human Resources Manager
Vicki Eldridge
Vice President/Lending Officer (Hazard)
Mary Knight
Vice President/Branch Manager (Black Gold)
Carie Bowling
Vice President/Customer Service Manager (London)
Beverly Gibson
Vice President/Deposit Operations Manager (Hazard)
Brice Fields
Vice President/Credit Analyst and Security Officer
John Tuel
Vice President/Lending Officer (Richmond)
Rusty Ray
Vice President/Lending Officer (London)
Tammy Tackett
AVP/Head Teller (London)
Candace Adkins
AVP/Lending Officer (Hazard)
Aaron Miller
AVP/Lending Officer (London)
Trenton Griffith
AVP/Information Technology Officer
Tammie Baker
AVP/Customer Service Manager (Black Gold)
Brandon Gay
AVP/Finance Operations Associate
Alesia Crawford
AVP/Customer Service Manager (Richmond)
Brandi Ward
AVP/ BSA and Compliance Officer (Interim)

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